International Workshop “EU shared values: the chance for economic development and growth of Moldova”

Between September 14-15, the Moldova State University was the host of the International Workshop “EU shared values: the chance for economic development and growth of Moldova”, organized within the Erasmus+ , Jean Monnet, EUSHARE project.
The event brought together participants from the country and abroad: teachers, experts, students, master’s students, PhD students – people interested in the European integration process of the Republic of Moldova.

The workshop was focused on topics such as:

-The interdependence of EU policies in the field of education-research-innovation, in general, and within the European integration process of the Republic of Moldova, in particular, analyzing how the economic integration of Moldova in the EU space can be stimulated and the reduction of the migration of skilled workers to the industrialized countries of the EU ;
-The latest developments in the field of teaching and learning methodologies, the realization of educational projects and the development of new technologies applied in the field of education and research.
-Evaluation of local autonomy and academics, researchers, young people, students, civil society participation in the decision-making process with an emphasis on the implementation of the Knowledge Triangle in Moldova and the involvement of all target groups in political dialogue and knowledge exchange.
-Legislation and practices of the Republic of Moldova, opportunities for collaboration between universities, research institutions and enterprises.

The opening session was moderated by the EUSHARE project coordinator, Elena Simciuc.

Present at the event, USM’s Vice-Rector for scientific activity and international relations, Aurelia Hanganu mentioned the importance of the effort for Moldova’s accession to the EU and, in particular, about the actions that USM is carrying out for this purpose: involvement in multiple European projects, connecting studies and research to European values and, last but not least, their European quality.

Claudia Melinte, national coordinator of the Erasmus Plus Moldova Office, expressed in her speech her admiration and appreciation of the activism of the State University of Moldova in order to participate in project competitions and develop European projects.

The vice-rector for scientific activity and international relations of the State University “Alecu Russo” from Bălți Valentina Prițcan mentioned the importance of the involvement of all university actors – students, professors, university management – in the process of European integration by participating in the implementation of projects, accessing new European funds, carrying out academic mobility, etc.

The event was organized into several modules in which communications and research will be presented that are of undeniable relevance to the academic physician and policy developers. The conclusions and recommendations of this important forum will become the subject of studies and future projects.

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